About Us

HornyThings was born in 2010 by its creator, Rachel Whittingham. With a desire to find unique pieces for her own home, the collection started with the skulls of dainty roe deer and majestic stags – the juxtaposition of the natural bone skull with Swarovski crystals made striking yet feminine additions to the room.
Over the next year or two, with a larger variety of animal skulls, such as birds and crocodiles, more creative complexity evolved. This added a contemporary twist her work. The use of gold and silver leaf and bright fluorescent paints with multiple layers of coloured Swarovski crystals, meant many more possibilities. They are extremely unusual and the detail is meticulously applied. The colours and finishes of the skulls and horns are inspired by the origins of the animals, but can also be adapted to fit with any colour scheme within the home, creating a true one-off.

Rachel started her career as a graphic designer, working mainly on large retail projects. After 10 years in the industry, she put her design career on hold to have a family. Two lovely children later she began to think about where next. The idea evolved from a passion for nature and an interest in music, fashion, culture and the slightly macabre!

Rachel is now working on a rare breed of unicorn – watch this space.